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The Make Peace With Money Programme is an online experience that helps you to transform the way you feel, talk, act and think about money.

What makes this programme unique is that as well as dealing with the practical side of money management, it also focuses on how you relate to money on a mental and emotional level (your relationship with money).

There can be a lot of fears, uncertainties and past traumas surrounding money, and these can impact you on a daily basis and affect your future.  The programme will help you to change your money mindset and make you feel more positive and confident around money.

In the programme you will learn the theory behind money blocks and negative money beliefs and how the tools I use help to clear these; we will also go through numerous exercises to help with the healing process and get you on course with managing your finances.

Programme Session Outline

Session 1:

This session is not just an introduction to the programme, it’s also an introduction to the main concepts behind making peace with money.  This is where you start to realise that money is more than just currency.

  • Introduction.
  • The Pledge!
  • What is Money?
  • Your Relationship With Money.
  • The Effect on your Everyday Life.
  • Why Improve your Relationship With Money.
  • The Power of your Beliefs.
  • Money Blocks.
  • Money Habits.

Session 2:

This session is an introduction to the main tools that you will use to start making peace with money.  I’ll give you some of the background behind them and tell you why they are so important to the rest of the programme.

  • Rewire the Brain.
  • Visualizations.
  • Affirmations.
  • EFT (Tapping).
  • Vision Boards.

Session 3:

In this session the work really begins as I start to lead you through exercises that will help you to start uncovering your relationship with money.

  • Where are you now Financially?
  • Are you Stuck?
  • Money and Emotions.
  • Self-worth & Self-love.
  • Build yourself up.
  • Uncovering Money Beliefs.

Session 4:

In order to move forward with your money journey, you need to address your money past, and this can include dealing with past money traumas.  In this session you’ll learn how to start forgiving yourself and others for your money past and start looking for golden linings.

  • Healing the Past.
  • Negative Money Memories.
  • Money Trauma.
  • The Power of Forgiveness.
  • Ho’oponopono.
  • Look for the Golden Lining.
  • Let go of the Past.

Session 5:

In this session you start getting practical with your money situation as you start to understand the importance of managing your costs.  You’ll also start thinking about saving money, not just for a rainy day, but because you’ve worked hard to earn it, and need to learn that you can enjoy it as well.

  • Understanding your Costs.
  • Kicking some Cost Butt!
  • Managing your Costs.
  • Think Before you Spend.
  • Savings.

Session 6:

This session is all about learning to deal with debt.  While we understand debt has to be paid back, credit cards and loans can seem a bit like free money at some times; if not controlled properly then it can become a real problem and you can end up feeling that everything you earn is just to pay others back.  If managed properly you can start to remove that monkey on your back, and that starts with learning how to create a budget.

  • Dealing with Debt.
  • How to Manage Debt.
  • Why create a budget?
  • Your Dream Budget.

Session 7:

This session is about thinking outside the box; some of you may be earning well, which is great, but some of you may be struggling to make ends meet; when you’re in this situation it’s important to see if there are options to increase your income.  If you are earning well, it doesn’t mean you skip this session because it will help if you are not entirely happy with how you are earning your money, and want to make a change.

  • Increasing your Income.
  • My Income Journey.
  • Money Ceilings.
  • Supplementing your Income.
  • Prosperity Practises.
  • Money Mindfulness.

Session 8:

In this final session you learn how to set and achieve your goals.  I take you through my Goal Settings Workbook, a step-by-step guide on how to find your Big Why and the route to getting there.  As with all journeys, things will never go smoothly, so the workbook also helps you to plan ahead, to be flexible, keep positive, and to become resilient to change.  We also look at how I can help you to continue this journey through my coaching.

  • Setting & Achieving Goals.
  • The Goal Setting Workbook.
  • Ride the Roller-coaster.
  • Your Big Vision and Big Why!
  • Continue the Journey, Work With Me.

By the end of the programme you will:

  • Look at money in a completely different way.
  • Feel more confident with money, and less afraid to tackle future money challenges.
  • Be more in control of your money on a daily basis.
  • Be able to create and follow a budget and manage your costs.
  • Have a strategy to increase your income.
  • Have cleared, or started to clear past money trauma.
  • Created new habits and beliefs about money.
  • Manage your debt.
  • Plan for the future through savings and going for your ‘Big Why’.
  • Learn to be more resilient when dealing with money.
  • It will help you to take action rather than burying your head in the sand.

The lessons you will learn from the programme will help in other areas of your life, not just money!

It can show you that anything is possible.

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