Make Peace with Money Workshops

COMING SOON! Workshop 1: Start Making Peace with Money.

Duration: 2 hours

This workshop is an introduction to Make Peace with Money and it includes:

  • Defining ‘money’.
  • Why improving your relationship with money is important, and what the benefits are.
  • Clarity on the broader picture of where you are at financially.
  • Examining your relationship with money.
  • Uncovering your emotions, feelings and judgements around money.
  • Understanding and uncovering ‘Money Blocks’.
  • How to start clearing ‘Money Blocks’.
  • Some practical and easy to complete exercises that will help you uncover, and start to change your habits to dealing with money.

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Start to change the way you talk, act and think about money.
  • Be more aware of ‘Money Blocks’ and limiting beliefs relating to money.
  • Have some tools that you can use at any point in the future when facing money challenges.
  • Learn that you have more control over your money situation than you think.
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