(MATS) – Nina Buckley, CEO MJL

“Kim is a fantastic personality; she gets on with everybody. She’s polite; she’s patient with us and she’s really really committed to our business, and it shows in the work she does.”​

(MPWM) – Lisa

“Thank you again for a lovely session, I feel so much better after it. Very powerful huh.”

(MATS) – David Wylie, CRUNCH communications

“Thanks so much for your help in developing increasingly important finance process and reporting over the last couple of years; it wasn’t always easy! But now you leave it in a good place.”

(MATS) – Robin Burman, Financial Director, RPM

“Thank you for the excellent work which you have done for us over the years.  You have been instrumental in helping deliver big improvements in the financial acumen of the wider business, which in turn has improved efficiencies and the profitability of the business.”

(MPWM) – Martha English

“Firstly the results from make peace with money have been amazing, actually I would say a life changing experience for me. Kim has been professional,  understanding  supportive and has shown me so much encouragement that my feelings with money  have turned around so much so I would now say that I love money and IContinue reading “(MPWM) – Martha English”