The Way of The Money Warrior Talk

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The Art of Money Self Defence!

“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

Duration: 1 hour

What do you spend a lot of your time worrying about?

I’m guessing that money would be on nearly all of your lists, it may even be top spot for a lot of you.

Money can be a source of constant worry, even if you’re financially secure it doesn’t stop you worrying about how much things cost, or worse still, fear losing it.

The current cost of living crisis has increased the levels of money worries for a lot of us. While there are some great people like Martin Lewis who are doing amazing work to help us deal with the practical side of our money situation, including explaining the enigma which is utility bills, not many people are talking about the mental and emotional side of the issue, which is how to deal with our negative money worries and fears.

How will dealing with the mental and emotional side of money help your financial situation?

In this talk I show you that it’s possible to move from being a money worrier, to being a Money Warrior, someone who is in control and more resilient in the face of money stress.

I show you what a money worrier looks like, highlighting the four main factors that cause and exacerbate negative money worry.

I explain the impact that worrying has on the brain including our ability to think clearly and problem solve. I dive into some basic neuroscience to show you that by slowing down your brain waves you can move from a state of constant worry to one of calmness and clarity, which will help you to become more resilient. I show you that it’s possible to grow what they call “enlightenment circuits” in the brain, which are associated with joy, compassion, productivity, which will help you to think and feel more positively.

I give you my seven key steps to becoming a Money Warrior:

1. Money Mindfulness.

2. Clarity on your Current Situation.

3. Make a Plan.

4. Asking for Help.

5. Putting your Plan into Action.

6. Being Adaptable to Change.

7. Keep Working on Those Emotions.

By the end of the talk, you will see that dealing with the mental and emotional side of money is just as important as managing the practical side. Excess worry can leave you paralysed into inaction, so by working on your money worries you can start to take positive actions to remedy the situation.

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