Earnings – How Much to Live Comfortably?

There was a very interesting article on Yahoo, from The Telegraph, which was titled ‘I earn £125K – and it’s not enough’, and I think it highlights perfectly how an unbalanced relationship with money can affect anyone.


The article is obviously there to generate an emotional response, and for a lot of people who are really struggling financially, the response will probably be pretty blunt.  I’ll let you read the article and decide what you think.

For the purposes of this blog, I want to focus on the relationship with money, and the money beliefs that are associated with it.

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For your Diary – Upcoming Make Peace with Money Events

At the beginning of April many of our living costs went up, and I know that I’m not alone in this. With the cost-of-living crisis this year, there is so much more financial pressure on most of us. This means it’s even more important now to know where you are financially, be able to build positive money habits, and take control of your costs. This is not the time to put your head in the sand.

We are also dealing with a lot of negative thoughts, and emotions that such a challenging financial situations brings up. A lot is talked about the practical side of money, but not many people talk about how to deal with the mental and emotional side of things, this part we have to try and stumble along with as best we can, often trying to wear a mask that makes it look as though we are in control and know what we are doing.

That is why, over the coming months, I will be hosting two, LIVE, online talks, and starting my 8 week Make Peace with Money Programme.

I want to help and support you to build both positive money habits, and also take care of that mental and emotional side of your money journey. I know from personal experience, how important this work is, and how to look at it in a non judgemental way.


Tickets for all of the following events can be purchased on Eventbrite, just click on the event images below to be transported there!

Exploring Money Beliefs – How they affect our daily lives (online talk, LIVE via Zoom)

In this talk, I show you how powerful negative money beliefs are, and how a lot of the time, we don’t even know they are there. The problem with negative money beliefs is that they can literally control the way you think, act, and talk about money, and can trap you in a negative cycle, preventing you from reaching your potential. Money beliefs can range from the small things you learnt from adults as you were growing up, such as; Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees! and You’ll never make money from that!, to more complex money trauma, including divorce, or bankruptcy.

The Way of the Money Warrior – The Art of Money Self Defence (online talk, LIVE via Zoom)

If I asked you to list the top five things you worry about, I am guessing that money would be on most of your lists; it might even be number 1 for some of you. Negative worry over money can have a huge impact on your life, so, if you would like to become a Money Warrior, and learn how to become more resilient in the face of money stress, then this is the talk for you.

In the talk, I take you through my 7 steps to help you move away from being a Money Worrier, to becoming a Money Warrior!

Make Peace with Money 8 week Programme (online, LIVE via Zoom)

This is my flagship programme, and it is where the magic really begins because I will help you to gain clarity, and control around your financial situation, and most importantly, help you to start your journey to healing your relationship with money.

“Doing this work with you really helped me to shift my perspective on things – your Make Peace with Money course is really powerful”


The most important message that I want to share here is that your money journey is just as important as your work/business journey. Make Peace With Money is all about learning to embrace the practical, mental, and emotional side of money. It will give you the foundations to support you in being brave, taking action, and asking for help. Ultimately, it’s about helping you to make better decisions in your life, and in your business.

I would love to tell you that I have a magic wand, that by doing the above talks and programme, things will instantly change for you. and in some cases the transformation has been very quick. The key thing I want you to know is that those who have seen success from Make Peace With Money are those who have committed to doing the work and taking action. It’s not easy, but that why I also offer my coaching, so I can hold your hand, and support you through the process.

Understanding Accounting & Finance, Part 2 – The Profit & Loss Report.

The Profit & Loss (P&L) is one of the key monthly management reports which tells you how you are doing financially, for a month and for the year to date. 

It can help you see if you are on track to make a profit for the year, and show you areas to look at in order to help you control your costs.

As a business owner you are always keen to know if you can employ more staff or if perhaps you are employing too many staff, your profit and loss will help you to make this decision. It also allows you to pinpoint and focus in on other areas of your business that need attention, so you can deal with problems quickly and keep your business on track and growing.

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Make Peace With Money Tools – Tapping (EFT)

I use a number of tools in my work of helping people Make Peace with Money, and I want to share a bit about each one so that you have an idea of why I use them, and most importantly, how they work. 

The first tool to tell you about is called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping. 

I discovered tapping almost five years ago, during a period of intense stress for me.  The year was 2016, my husband, Paul, had a mental breakdown, and my Mom was seriously ill with cancer.  We were in serious financial difficulty because Paul couldn’t work, and I was convinced that we wouldn’t survive; I used to imagine us losing everything and ending up homeless! 

I began to search for natural ways to manage my stress, and that’s when I came across Nick Ortner’s website (I’ll tell you a bit more about Nick in a minute) which was all about this thing called EFT, and how by tapping on various points of the body you could reduce stress.  This whole idea intrigued me and matched my way of thinking, so I bought his book, and the rest, as they say, is ‘tapping’ history. 

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Is Your Business Ready for the Scrutiny of the Digital Age?

One of my clients is currently going through an external audit (I can hear the collective groans from here…..) and it is the usual thankless process of answering the long, almost never ending, list of queries from the auditor.

Audits seem to take up so much time and expense, but why is that?  What if the process could be made less painful for all involved?

I guess there will always be the list of queries, after all it is difficult for an external person to understand how a company works, and to get to grips with finding and understanding the information they need.

Poor accounting systems and procedures can be one of the main challenges faced by both the auditor, and the company being audited, and this in turn can cause a lot of friction between the two parties.

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