How It Works

If you are ready to start your journey to making peace with money, here’s how it works, and the tools I use to help you:

​​To start with we have an initial session which lasts for around 30 minutes; this is a more informal chat about what you feel your problems with money are, and what you want to achieve.

You can also ask any questions you have about me, and the work we will do together.

An agreement might sound scary, but it is really important because it will clarify both our roles and commitments in the work we will do together.

The agreement would cover some of the following:

TIME: when the sessions will take place and how long they will last for. Ensuring both of us are punctual and ready to start each session on time.

BOUNDARIES: our sessions will be solely focused on you and they are the time to discuss anything relating to the work we are doing. If you are struggling at any point between sessions, we can always book in extra time to discuss any issues you are having.

COMMITMENT: during a session we will agree action points for you to work on before the next session.


During the sessions we will cover some of the following areas:

  • Finding the Golden Lining in your current situation.
  • Finding out what you do want & finding your ‘Big Why’.
  • Getting clear on your vision.
  • Shine your light (self esteem).
  • Looking into the past & investigating money beliefs & patterns.
  • Uncovering limiting beliefs and creating new positive affirmations (neural pathways).
  • Kicking some cost butt and managing costs.
  • Creating a budget.
  • Ideas for increasing your income.


  • EFT (tapping).
  • Vision Boards.
  • Meditation.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Energy Work.
  • The Five Elements & Organ Systems.
  • Positive Affirmations.
  • Excel Spreadsheets (budgeting).
  • Budgeting Apps (eg: Wally)

Cost: this is flexible depending on your current financial situation and will be agreed on the initial introduction.
The sessions can be done over Zoom, Skype, Facetime or telephone (UK only).
After each session you will be given homework to do, which needs to be completed before the next session.
In order to get the best out of Make Peace With Money, you need to be 100% committed to wanting to change. (You may find during the course of the sessions that some powerful emotions come to the surface, but stick with it, this is about helping you in the long term, and can go beyond just money.)
Payment up front is required before each session.
Payments can be made by bank transfer.
Once a session is confirmed, cancellation or postponement must be made 48 hours in advance. Cancellation or amendments made within this 48 hour period will be chargeable at the agreed rate.
You will not be tied into any set number of sessions; you can stop at any point, provided no sessions are pre-booked, in which case the above cancellation policy applies.
Anything discussed during our sessions will be confidential; any notes taken during our sessions will be kept in a secure place.
Any notes taken will be kept for a period of 1 year, after which point they will be destroyed.
I have completed a basic counselling course and a 3 year psychology course; however I am not fully qualified in these areas; I will advise you if I feel that you need more specific help, such as if dealing with an addiction.
If the situation requires it, for example if I believe there is the chance of you harming yourself or another person then I may need to break the confidentiality agreement. If this arises I will keep you included in the process.

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