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If you Have Fears, Uncertainties, and Frustrations Surrounding Money; It’s Time to Take your Head out of the Sand, it’s Time to Start Making Peace With Money.

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How accurate are your accounting systems and procedures?

So many companies want to know how they are doing financially, however they fail to invest properly in their finance and accounting systems, procedures and training, which can mean that the numbers they are using may not paint the most accurate picture.

The time and money invested in these processes can often be wasted because of duplication and sticking to old, out-dated systems.

I help to make sure that you have the right accounting systems, procedures & training in place so you know where your business is financially right now, and that you can forecast more accurately.

You’ll be amazed the difference it will make to be on top of your numbers; you’ll be able to make decisions quickly and with more confidence, and it can help save time and money!

Make Peace With Money

Money is stressful, the pressures of earning enough to live, saving for holidays or a deposit for a house, the fact that it goes out quicker than it comes in, the costs rack up especially if you have a family to look after!

Money is one of the most important aspects of life, however we dedicate so little time to managing it properly, and dare I say to making friends with it. You may find you bury your head in the sand when the bills come in, hoping that things will somehow sort themselves out.

I help you to explore your relationship with money; I combine the use of practical accounting systems with a healing approach, which makes what I do unique.

Did you know you may have beliefs about money that are holding you back? There may also be hidden ‘money blocks’, emotional baggage that need clearing out.

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“Imagine how easy your life will BE when you are able to make all decisions with clarity and freedom from fear.”

Lulu Mares

“I combine my passions for accounting and health in order to help people thrive both at work and at home. I believe in working smarter, not harder.”

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