Finance Health Check

Transforming your finances in 5 steps

The Finance Health Check is a more detailed, in-depth look at your businesses accounting and finance procedures. I spend time really getting to know your business, the finance team, and the accounting systems currently in place.

I present a report which details my findings, rating them as Good, Bad or Ugly. The report also gives you my recommendations for areas that need improvement, which I can help you to implement.


An initial meeting where I find out about you and your business, and where I can answer any initial questions you may have. We also formulate an action plan and agreement.


The Financial Health check is a snapshot of where your business is at that present moment and covers:

  • The Finance Team & Structure.
  • The Finance Systems & Procedures.
  • Finance Resources.
  • The Relationship between Finance and other Departments in the Business.
  • Knowledge & Understanding of Finance throughout the Business.

How it Works:

  • This can either be done remotely, or at your offices and includes:
  • Speaking with yourself and any business partners or directors to see where you think the business is financially, and to see what your plans are for the future.
  • Connecting with your finance team to see how they are currently working, and if they have any comments on changes they would make.
  • Current finance staffing levels and performance.
  • See what the current financial systems and procedures are and how effective and efficient they are.
  • An assessment of the current financial statements.
  • Speak to managers of other departments, including account managers to see if the current systems work for them and are being used properly.
  • Highlight any training requirements.

Step 3: REPORT

I compile a report based on my findings, which is split into the following sections (these may vary):

  • Finance Systems.
  • Automation of Finance Procedures.
  • Finance Team.
  • Account Teams.
  • Working Together.
  • Business Growth.

Each section is split into the following subsections:

  • Time Implications.
  • Cost Implications.
  • Health Implications.

I give each section a rating:

GOOD – Areas that are working brilliantly, or working well but may need a bit of tinkering.
BAD – Areas that are not performing well, and need improvement.
UGLY – Areas that are not working and/or include terrible practices that need urgent attention.


We create an action plan for implementing the recommendations made in the report.


Once the plan has been fully implemented and running smoothly it is over to you and your team. I will keep in close contact with you for continued support for as long as needed.

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