(MPWM) – Emma Humphreys

“Compared with how things were when I started out with you, I now have savings, I budget properly each month, I am able to use credit facilities effectively paying them off on time etc. but the biggest benefit is to be able to use money without fear. I can finally see it for what it is, a means to an end that I’m in control of, not this dark force waiting to catch me out and mess stuff up. I’ve forgiven my former self for her mistakes, so I don’t carry that around with me any more which makes my step lighter, even though I technically weigh more than Andrew now.

I looked at my vision board this morning (the small version is still a screen saver on my iPad) and it hit me how much of that I’ve been able to achieve and how much I owe you for showing me how to set goals like that. I’ve filled my life with opportunities to create, not least this little person I’m cooking up inside me. It really is incredible how much things can change in the space of a couple of years and you deserve a huge thank you for your part in that.” 

Published by Kim Masters

Kim is a South African living in Bedfordshire. She specialises in helping businesses and individuals with their finances, combining her 25 years of accounting experience with her passion for healing therapies.