‘You Got This!’ – Make Peace With Money

I assume that if you’re reading this blog, then you may have faced, or are facing financial difficulties.

I want you to know that you are not alone.  When my husband and I went to see our local bank manager a few years back, she told us that our level of debt was very common and that some people were in a lot worse position than we were in.  It wasn’t my proudest moment, but the bank manager was lovely, and we built a strong relationship with her and her team at Barclays Chiswick.

We have faced financial problems more than once (in fact it sometimes feels as though it is one challenge after another), so when I say ‘I understand’ I really mean it; I understand the feelings and emotions surrounding debt, the shame and the embarrassment that somehow you are failing.  I know all about the pressures and stresses involved, and the anxiety of spending money on essentials when you feel you shouldn’t.  I have often felt that it would never get better, and I still have times like this at the moment.

worry - photo by niklas hamann on unsplash

The first time we got into trouble was after I got two blood clots on my lungs; it took me about three years to feel both physically and mentally confident to get back to work.

The second, most recent time, was when my husband had a work related mental breakdown; this was back in January 2015 and he has been unable to work since.

These periods of only one person earning were both unexpected and very stressful; going from two people earning to just one puts a hell of a lot of pressure on, but you just have to try and get through it, and that is what we are doing.

I have called my blog ‘You Got This!’ because these three simple words have helped me to keep going.  Last year I was part of a Facebook group called The Vision Alignment Group; which is run by a wonderfully inspirational lady called Melanie Moore.  When I joined the group I had times where I was feeling traumatised, unsure and anxious about my life, especially where money was concerned; the group would always encourage me by telling me ‘You Got This’ and I felt as though they had my back.

you got this - photo by sydney rae on unsplash

I want to pay this forward, and tell you that ‘You’ve Got This!’ I’ve got your back.

My blog is one part of my commitment to supporting and helping you to get finance fit and healthy, to change your relationship with money and get you back on track.  Here are some of the topics I will be writing about:

  1. How to budget.
  2. Ways to reduce costs on a daily basis.
  3. Speaking to creditors.
  4. Is it possible to increase your income?
  5. Dealing with the anxiety of spending money.
  6. Introduce you to EFT, my favourite tool for dealing with difficult emotions.
  7. Zen12 – finding peace of mind in just 12 minutes.
  8. Why self care is so important.
  9. Why forgiveness is important and how it can help your finances.
  10. How guilt can block your life.
  11. How mindfulness can stop you from obsessing about money.
  12. The power of prayer.
  13. Affirmations to give you hope.
  14. Anything I can find to help you practically and emotionally.

I have a library full of self-help books, and I love exploring different therapies and writers, I am a knowledge junkie, so I will share the details of any books, writers or therapists who I think will be good for you to explore yourself.

success - photo by juan jose on unsplash

The journey is never easy, so you have to be prepared to give 100% if you want to get back on track.

If you want to know more about me and the work I do you can check out my two websites:



Bye for now…..

Published by Kim Masters

Kim is a South African living in Bedfordshire. She specialises in helping businesses and individuals with their finances, combining her 25 years of accounting experience with her passion for healing therapies.

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